Helping Content: A Three-Part Approach to Content Strategy With Non-Profits

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My newest article, “Helping Content: A Three-Part Approach to Content Strategy With Non-Profits,” is currently available in volume 5(1) of Communication Design Quarterly Review. In the article, Suzan Flanagan and I explain our approach to developing content strategy projects that help non-profits improve the way they interact with audiences online.

Why Should We Care About Content Strategy With Non-Profits?

Nonprofits must reach a variety of community audiences to sustain their organizations, and these audiences include potential volunteers, donors, and clients. With the increasing availability of open-source, freely available, and inexpensive communication technologies, many nonprofits can now develop a robust web presence that targets a variety of audiences via a variety of channels.

What Is Our Approach to Content Strategy With Non-Profits?

In the article, we present a three-part heuristic to help nonprofits better manage digital content. This heuristic is comprised of developing audience awareness and interaction, making use of emerging technologies, and building sustainable partnerships. Using a project designed to help a homeless shelter improve its content strategy, we explore this heuristic and its implications for helping technical and professional communicators improve local nonprofit digital capacities.

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Flanagan, S. & Getto, G. (2017). Helping content: A three-part approach to content strategy with nonprofits. Communication Design Quarterly Review, 5(1), 57-70.