Professional Mission

my professional portraitI help people use digital technologies and effective communication practices to improve their communities and organizations. This includes performing UX research–or research on the experiences users have with websites and other online applications, teaching marketable and useful skill sets that help people launch careers within an increasingly knowledge-based economy, and working as a technical communicator, content strategist, grant writer, and consultant. I firmly believe that all citizens deserve access to the most effective means of communication for carrying out their professional and personal goals.

Current and Recent Projects

North Carolina Coastal Atlas Logo

I’m currently working with the team behind the North Carolina Coastal Atlas to improve the UX of their application.

A screenshot of the logo for Reflections, a journal of public rhetoric, civic writing, and service-learning

Check out my article describing a networked pedagogy for service-learning that just came out in Reflections.

A screenshot of the website for a service-learning course

I recently developed a resource for folks in tech comm and related fields who are interested in service-learning.