Hear Me Read My Latest Poems About Pioneers and Creationism

The cover of issue 20.4 of The 2River View, published as part of "Hear Me Read My Latest Poems About Pioneers and Creationism"

I am excited to publish two new poems in The 2River Viewan online quarterly literary magazine that has featured poetry, art, and theory since 1996. The poems “Different Geometry” and “Pioneering” are currently available in issue 20.4 of the journal.

The 2River View has an innovative publishing model in which authors are invited to submit an audio file of them reading their poems. This recording is available on the same page as the poems so that readers can hear the poems in the author’s own voice while also experiencing them in written form.

What Inspired These Poems

Different Geometry

Much of my work draws on my experiences growing up in rural Nevada, a landscape defined by a truly unique confluence of religion, politics, and western traditions. “Different Geometry” reflects this culture through its use of sparse imagery, but also draws on an extended metaphor of trajectories: personal, historical, and geographical.


“Pioneering” is a historical poem written from the perspective of a resident of Georgia living during the time of the Wildes Massacre, or the “last Indian massacre of Georgia.” The poem is less about the massacre, however, and more about the vicissitudes of life during mid-19th century America, a time when white settlers were pitted against American Indians by their own desires for land and by an uncaring federal government seeking to establish itself as a nation defined by the right to own property.

Read the Poems and Hear Me Read Them

Online: http://www.2river.org/2RView/20_4/poems/getto.html

PDF: http://www.2river.org/2RView/20_4/book/20_4.pdf

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The cover image of my chapbook, published as part of "Familiar History: Poetry About the American West" and "Hear Me Read My Latest Poems About Pioneers and Creationism"