Dr. Guiseppe Getto, Ph.D.

Writing Portfolio

Writing on UX and Content Strategy

A cropped photo of the cover of my pocket guide Getting Started With UX Design Process & DocumentationGetting Started With UX Design Process & Documentation is my pocket guide for UXPin’s free design library that was written for anyone looking to get started in UX.
a screenshot of the Salesforce Blog logo6 Things Digital Marketers Need to Know About UX is an article for Salesforce Blog in which I describe how design and marketing work together in today’s business world.
a screenshot of the Writing Commons logoUsability and User Experience Research is a chapter for Writing Commons, an open source, peer-reviewed online textbook.
a screenshot of the boxes and arrows logoWhat UX Designers Need to Know about Conversion Rate Optimization is an article for Boxes and Arrows magazine on the elements of conversion that UX designers need to know to help build optimized digital experiences.
a screenshot of the boxes and arrows logoTeaching/Learning UX: Considerations for Academic-Industry Partnerships is an article for Boxes and Arrows magazine on how UX designers and academics can collaborate to form useful educational partnerships.
A screenshot of the STC logoDesigning for Engagement: A Workflow for Participatory, Cross-Cultural Design (subscription required – my article appeared in the March 2014 issue contact me for a copy) is an article for Intercom magazine on best practices for conducting UX design with international users.
The acronym "UX"UX and Content Strategy Library is a page I maintain with links to resources related to user experience (UX) design and content strategy. (image source)
The WordPress LogoThe Definitive Guide to Definitive WordPress Guides is a guide and list of resources related to the development and maintenance of WordPress websites.
A screen capture of the corner of an image that says "your digital portfolio"Developing a Digital Portfolio (with Erin Frost) is a guide to developing robust CVs/resumes, open source websites, and social media strategies.

Writing on Instructional Design

A screenshot of the corner of a photo of an "interview in progress" signTechniques for Acing Job Interview Questions, No Matter Your Field is a pretty self-explanatory guide.
A photograph of a hand writing on lined paperThe Guide to Designing Sustainable Writing Courses from Scratch is another self-explanatory guide.
A screenshot of digital textThe Art of Fostering Student Writing in the Digital Age presents tips, resources, and tools for teaching writing in digital spaces.
My Course WebsitesAll my Course Websites/Online Learning Environments contain oodles of instructional material ranging from how to write a cover letter for a job application to how to design full-blown websites.