Dr. Guiseppe Getto, Ph.D.

UX, Content Strategy, and WordPress Portfolio

UX, Content Strategy, and WordPress

NOTE: I stopped updating this portfolio when I launched my consulting agency. Please visit http://contentgarden.org/portfolio/ to see the most recent projects I’ve contributed to.

North Carolina Coastal AtlasI’m currently working on information architecture, interaction design, and user research for the grant-funded North Carolina Coastal Atlas (currently down for maintenance). I am helping them develop and implement personas, a better UX strategy, and a business process model, as well as helping them improve usability. This has included a contextual inquiry into how users might make use of the Atlas, usability testing of some of its core functions, and modeling findings from this research, as well as the key interactions and architectures of the application, in ways that effectively communicate to the Atlas development team. I have also worked to help them develop a more effective social media strategy.
Greenville Community Shelter LogoI designed the Community Crossroads Center website to act as a usable, accessible venue for the organization to tell stories about events and how community members can help them through donations of time and resources. The site is built on WordPress with some custom code, and is fully responsive. I am also currently working with them to build a content strategy around the site.
Yillio LogoI helped the mobile application Yillio with interaction design and user research. I helped them develop and implement personas and a better mobile onboarding strategy, as well as helping them improve usability. This included a contextual inquiry into how users might make use of Yillio, usability testing of some of its core functions, and some prototyping and wireframing for a potential redesign.
ECU LibrariesI helped ECU Libraries with user research and becoming familiar with UX best practices. This included helping them to develop a charge for a “UX Task Force,” and to create a first-ever usability study of some of their resources.
SIGDOC TwitterI served as Communications Manager for the Association of Computer Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Design of Communication (ACM SIGDOC). This means I performed strategic communication between key stakeholders of the organization and the membership, managed and developed web and social media content, and worked on membership engagement and content strategy throughout the organization. This work resulted in a comprehensive content strategy guide for the organization to ensure the sustainability of this work, a guide which helped the organization grow its social media presence by over 500 followers across platforms.
iFixit.comI provided user research and content strategy for iFixit, the “free repair guide for everything, written by everyone,” specifically by working with them to improve the development and promotion of their Technical Writing Project.
Seven Valleys Writing ProjectThe Seven Valleys Writing Project website, also built on WordPress, was primarily designed by a team of students, but unlike other pedagogical projects, I served as project manager and user experience lead for design of the site, which included strongly influencing early prototyping, some of the PHP structure of the site, overall interface design, user testing, content strategy, social media strategy, and sustainability.
Museum of the EarthI provided user research, content strategy, and social media strategy to the Paleontological Research Institution, via a service-learning project conducted through my Writing in the Digital Age course and a contextual inquiry into the content preferences and workflows of staff members.
My Course WebsitesAll my Course Websites/Online Learning Environments are designed using WordPress, and have been extensively user tested by students who take the courses.