Guiseppe Getto, Ph.D.

professor, writer, content strategist, ux consultant


My CCCC Presentation for 2012

“Composing Digital Writing Relationships: Toward an Infrastructural Approach to Digital Design and Pedagogy”


Working at the intersections of recent innovations in network theory and digital rhetoric and writing pedagogy, as well as from experiences helping to build new media infrastructures in the community of Lansing, Michigan and Cortland, NY, Speaker 1 argues for an infrastructural approach to digital writing instruction and design. Founded in the assumption that enacting digital writing within networked spaces involves a transitional mentality, he conceptualizes rhetorical moves across and between disparate networks such as workplaces, peer groups, classrooms, and neighborhoods, moves that, like a needle threading through separate pieces of fabric, can help weave community-based infrastructures by inviting individuals into common acts of participation and collaboration via digital media. In order to highlight such moves that he has woven into a several new professional writing courses, speaker 1 will also voice his professional and writerly position, as a digital composer, facilitator and newly minted assistant professor of digital writing. From these positions, he will illuminate successes and failures in efforts to enable clients, colleagues, students, and stakeholders to move from thinking of writing technologies as tools with fixed attributes that make writing, to thinking of writing situations as rhetorical opportunities to assemble the tools, people, and activities that best meet the needs of the occasion and that also create the best possibilities for future occasions.

Composing Digital Writing Relationships.pdf


My 2010 C’s Presentation

Though this video had to be played by a fellow presenter because I had a dissertation data collection opportunity that I couldn’t miss, I think I captured here a real sense of my pedagogy as it has developed while teaching WRA 135: