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My CCCC Presentation for 2012

“Composing Digital Writing Relationships: Toward an Infrastructural Approach to Digital Design and Pedagogy” Abstract: Working at the intersections of recent innovations in network theory and digital rhetoric and writing pedagogy, as well as from experiences helping to build new media infrastructures in the community of Lansing, Michigan and Cortland, NY, Speaker 1 argues for an […]

Fostering Student Writing in the Digital Age

I wanted to take a moment to showcase a presentation I did last month for the composition program here at SUNY Cortland entitled “The Art of Fostering Student Writing in the Digital Age” I think I articulated my own digital pedagogy well, here, as well as providing a list of useful tools for fostering digital […]

Constant Invention

That’s what this work is. Ending my second week as faculty, drained but excited for new possibilities. Inventing new curricula. Revising poetry manuscript. Connecting with new community partners. New student needs. Resurrecting an article I let lapse. Inventing a new one. Thinking about a book project. Thinking. Retreat this weekend at Raquette Lake. Writers retreat with […]


Just a few days ago, I successfully defended my dissertation, and am now on my way to my new job as Assistant Professor of New Media, Rhetoric, and Professional Writing in the English department at SUNY-Cortland. My committee told me I may have a book project on my hands. Exciting. They also had loads of […]

My New Computers and Composition Article

“Community Mediation: Writing in Communities and Enabling Connections through New Media” Abstract: The question of how best to facilitate the creation of sustainable new media compositions within communities is vital if these compositions are to become a permanent part of community knowledge-making practices and to reach audiences in a meaningful way. We explore a model […]

My Presentation for CCCC 2011

“My E-Petition Does SO Matter!!: Challenging Othering Practices in Social Media through a Rhetoric of Community Media” I think my panel had… 7 or so people? An okay crowd. Panels I’m on never seem to get a lot of discussion, though for some reason… My powerpoint, for any interested: C’s 2011.ppt. My fun innovation this year? I […]

On the Job Market

(a semi-poetical, mostly professional, somewhat multimodal reflection) It’s been a long time coming. From poet to teacher to activist to researcher to activist to multimedia composer to facilitator. And back again. Not a linear evolution. More like a feedback loop. Stellar shrapnel: Rhizomatic. Irregular growth. A mentor once told me I am perhaps best at […]

My 2010 C&W Presentation

I presented to a small, but committed audience at C&W, but thought that my presentation was easy to understand and well-framed, considering I’m not completely done with my data analysis yet. I think the biggest contribution I made to thinking about multimedia writing processes in the presentation was my idea of moving away from a […]

Professional Reflection 2009

(Done for the annual review of my progress in my Ph.D. program the year I created this site). What happened this past year in my professional life? I became a Ph.D. candidate in Rhetoric and Writing, which means that I passed my exams. I’m now something like an academic adolescent: not quite an adult, but […]